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Hello World! My name is Shannon Connors and this is my website. I began publishing my writing in August of 2017, on a platform known as The Odyssey Online. I had written a lot before, but I had never considered myself “good enough” to share my work with others until I saw a post from the President of my college’s Odyssey community seeking new content creators. I decided to apply, and ended up getting an interview. On August 23, 2017, I had my first deadline and wrote a listicle about things  “gingers,” or people with red hair, understand. It may have not been my most sophisticated piece, but the overwhelmingly positive response gave me the confidence to post more meaningful things I had written.

I have been writing for the Odyssey for almost a year and a half, each week sending in something to be published the following Monday, but by the time February of 2018 rolled around, I was ready to start something new. I applied to The Stony Brook Her Campus chapter, using my Odyssey author page as a portfolio, and got accepted as a senior writer. I intend to continue with them this semester, as unlike the Odyssey, we only have deadlines during the weeks we are in school.

In my fall semester of sophomore year, I began a Business-Journalism internship with iConcept Media, writing 2-3 articles each day, 5 days each week. As you can imagine this was difficult to juggle when I had a full course load and my other writing obligations, but I made it work and have learned a lot about time management and writing news pieces.

Now, as I am entering my spring semester of sophomore year, I am looking forward to getting started with Trill Magazine, and continuing with Odyssey and Her Campus, while still looking for more places I can share my work with!