The Story of Finn


Finn Halsey was born on April 24th 2018 in Virginia, but was soon relocated to North Shore Animal League in Long Island, NY where he met his “fur-ever” family. On July 8th, my mother and I went out to North Shore to take a look at the puppies they had available for adoption, and that is where I first saw my baby boy, Finn. He was only 10 weeks and 5 days old, as I was told by the workers at the animal shelter, and was about 14 pounds.


My mother and I were allowed to hold him and get to know him a little bit before filling out the adoption paperwork. As I held him, my mom reached over to pet his face and he immediately wrapped his paws around her arm and laid his head on her hand, we new immediately that this was the pup we would be bringing home.


We filled out the required paperwork and waited to see if we were approved. After a few hours, we were told that we would be able to take him home and were given his veterinary information that provided us with details regarding his shots and when he would need to go back to the vet for boosters, then we were ready to pack him up in the car to go home.

The entire way back to Queens, Finn sat in my lap and chewed on my fingers with his sharp puppy teeth. We had brought a box and a few small toys for him to play with on the way home, (we were hopeful that we would be adopting a puppy that day and came prepared) but he was much more interested in chewing on my hands.


When we got back home, Finn was able to meet my dad for the first time, and at last our new little family was complete. Before he was housebroken, we decided that he would be confined to the kitchen using a baby gate, but soon realized that he would do everything in his power to climb over it the second we turned our backs, so for his safety we took it down.

For his first night in our home, I decided that I would sleep downstairs with him so that he wouldn’t be lonely (yes, I am that crazy dog person). Even though he had started off the night on a makeshift dog bed in the kitchen, he ended up staying with me on the pull-out couch in our living room. Every night that I am home now, instead of on campus, he still spends at least part of the night snuggling with me.

Finn is now a happy and healthy almost-two-year old who is still very attached to his family members. His favorite activities are barking at the local cats when they walk past our home, barking at any and all delivery people, and barking at other dogs that walk down our street.


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